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ARQR Websites

ARQR Mobile Websites provide Corporations, Small Businesses, and everyday professionals with a complete, cutting edge, mobile marketing solution. ARQR interactive mobile websites are currently all written in English, however they can be translated into over 50 different languages via tablet, laptop, or desktop using the Google Translator found at the bottom left corner of all ARQR Mobile Websites.

To take full advantage of your ARQR Mobile Website, make sure and sign up for Google Analytics to learn valuable information about your customers' activity on your website and track global traffic on your website. Global website tracking is vital to understanding your target market.

ARQR wants to provide you with the latest in QR Code technology. This includes includes a revolutionary tiny vanity URL QR Code (personalized vanity URL QR Code)at no additional cost. You see QR Codes everywhere, join the masses and start your mobile marketing campaign today! The marketing power of an ARQR Mobile Bundle is unlimited. Google and Bitly Analytics services provided at no additional cost to you.

Comprehensive Google Analytics access are included in all of the ARQR Mobile Bundle packages, you can access your Google Analytics Services at any time, for any reason. QR Code Analytics available upon request.

Personalized Features

Links to Promote Social Media (as seen at the bottom this website) - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Google+ - LinkedIn

Google Places (maps and directions)

Personalized Images, and Logo

Personalized Domain
Examples: Google = | Denso Wave =

Personalized Vanity URL QR Code Used to make Designer ARQR Code
Examples: Google = | Denso Wave =

Google Analytics (continuous access included)

QR Code (Bitly) Analytics

ARQR Mobile Websites are mobile friendly on all mobile devices!

Google Ad Words Campaign **

Designer ARQR Code, custom designed extreme **

** Upgrade fee applies

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